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We would like to give thanks to the following individuals who have helped to facilitate and develop both the fieldwork data, content and design of the data portal. We thank the US National Science Foundation for funding further development of Symbiota.

How to cite Data Portal: Thomas, M.B. 2018. Pan-Himalaya Herbaria Network Data Portal. Downloaded at: (day/month/year accessed).

Proposed Project Team
Rinchen Yangzom, Curator, National Biodiversity Centre Herbarium, Bhutan
Rinchen Dorji, National Herbarium, Bhutan
Kencho Dorji, National Herbarium, Bhutan
Choki Wangmo, National Herbarium, Bhutan
Dr. Michael B. Thomas, PHN Advisor and Bioinformatics Specialist

Afghanistan - Dr. Ahmad Mirazai, Kabul University Herbarium (KUFS)
India - Dr. Hem Chander, Assistant Professor, Career Point University Hamirpur Herbarium (CPUH)
India - Dr. Dinesh Kumar Agrawala, Sikkim Himalayan Circle Herbarium (BHSC)
India - Dr. Akhtar Malik, Curator - University of Kashmir Herbarium (KASH)
India - Dr. Sumeet Gairola, Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine Herbarium (RRLH)
Myanmar - Dr. Thaung Naing Oo, National Herbarium, Forest Research Institute (RAF)
Myanmar - Dr. Yee Yee Nu, University of Mandalay Herbarium (ASM)
Myanmar - Dr. Thanda Aye, University of Yangon Herbarium (RANG)
Nepal - Dr. Binod Kumar Basnet, National Herbarium and Plant Laboratories (KATH)
Nepal - Dr. Suresh Ghimire, Tribhuvan University Herbarium (TUCH)
Pakistan - Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad, Quaid-i-Azam University Herbarium (ISL)
Pakistan - Dr. Anjum Perveen, University of Karachi Herbarium (KUH)

Pending Participants
India - Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology Herbarium (PLP)
India - Northern Regional Centre Herbarium (BSD)
India - Regional Ayurveda Research Institute Herbarium (RKT)